About Q House

About Q House Invest

Q House Invest AB is leading private investment group, with activities across the Middle East and Europe, and is one of the most prominent financial institutions in the region.

Q House Invest AB was incorporated in 2013. It is licensed by the Sweden Financial Centre Authority and is authorized by the Sweden Financial Centre Regulatory Authority.

The Group has office in Uppsala, Sweden. Its team of investment professionals provides a blend of broad international experience, deep regional knowledge and unparalleled relationships in Sweden. This reach and range of skills uniquely positions the firm to facilitate the flow of business between Sweden, the region and global markets, making it a key institution in Q House Invest AB international investment plans.

Q House Invest AB has built world class investment and advisory capabilities, with the highest standards of governance and transparency underpinning its client-focused approach. The company priority is to deliver high-value propositions, considered solutions and tangible results for its clients and shareholders.

Q House Invest AB has three business divisions are Investment Banking, Asset Management, and Principal Investments, which focuses on real estate, credit and equity investments. It has unrivalled expertise in structuring products and provides clients with compliant solutions quickly and competitively.

In the June 2013s, Q House Invest AB Company saw light as first Consulting Investment Company in Uppsala Sweden, and as a pioneering national entity. Since its inception Invest witnesses an overall boom, featuring of shaping of institutional life, as well as rapid growth in all aspects of living Invest has assumed a vibrant role in the development of financial and investment industry in the state of Sweden, and regionally. Since the inception.

Q House Invest AB has gone through turning points in term of performance, notably over the recent years, where the Company achieved record level of performance and highest profitability.

Q house Invest AB has access to transport vehicles, including Aircraft, Boats, Yachts and cars. We can readily source any kind of transport anywhere in the world. As mentioned, we are also involved in commodities. We can supply most commodities, including oil, LPG, LNG, D2, JP54, Coal, copper, gold, wheat and sugar.

Q house Invest AB heralded a new era in the local and regional investment industry, setting new traditions and methodologies. Over the past 5 years, the Company managed to maintain its record of successes despite the hardships witnessed, from time to time, by the international economy. Owning to its foothold in the market, the Company managed to maintain flexibility to overcome crises, and cope with ever-developing national economy.

Q house Invest AB board of Directors of our company has resolved as part of our objective; too seek out international business partners, eager in selling and / or buying different projects in Real estate such as Residential, Commercial, Trophy Buildings, Land and Development opportunities, Hospitality Industry and Transport both locally and internationally.

Q house Invest AB carries out a wide range of investment and financial activities, mainly providing a diversified package of local and international investment and financial products, to its local and international consumer base.

Q house Invest AB introduces this unique blend financial and investment products and services via specialist work teams of high-calibre professionals in the various disciplines. These work teams are organized under departments of which the work is coordinated achieve best operating results for the Company’s shareholders and customers.

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