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Investment In Sweden

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There are different types of companies in Sweden. Those are the companies: Cooperative, Sole proprietorship, General Partnership, Limited Partnership, Regulated Partnership between two parts (Companies or private persons). A foreign-based company wishing to establish an enterprise in Sweden will most likely choose one of two main business structures

  • Subsidiary – a limited liability company  (Aktiebolag)
  • Branch  (filial)

Most foreign investors who set up a business in Sweden start for a Limited Liability Company. Swedish legislation has long accepted limited liability companies with a sole owner (wholly owned subsidiaries).

The minimum share capital is 50,000:- SEK while it is required to have a minimum of 500 000:- SEK to open a Public Limited Liability. – Legal framework ½.A branch cannot been incorporated in Sweden but is registered as a divisional office – part of a foreign limited company – organized to conduct business in Sweden. Both must be register at the Swedish Companies Registration Office (Bolagsverket) and the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket)

Steps to start a company in Sweden

  • The company to be opened must be a Limited Liability Company must appoint a board of directors and, if it is public, a Chairman and a managing director. The Managing Director must be a member of the Governing Council Swedish or holds a permanent residence in Sweden and is responsible to pay tax to Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) regularly on behalf of the company.
  • Limited liability companies and branches over a certain size are required to appoint an auditor and comply with Swedish bookkeeping regulations. A limited liability company must submit annual accounts to Bolagsverket. A branch has to keep its accounts separate from those of the foreign-based company.
  • The investor has to submit a feasibility study for the project and a copy of a valid passport.
  • The company must open a bank account in any Swedish Bank and deposit the required capital in full. The deposit has to be approve by the chosen bank.
  • Get Investor Certificate from the Bank where the capital deposited.
  • Register the company in the commercial Register as a company in Sweden.
  • Getting a license takes from 15 to 30 working days in normal conditions. There is no need to renew the trade license. It remains valid until a request by the investor is been submitted to stop or freeze it.

Swedish authorities must ensure the seriousness of the company and that it has actively been physical for a year after the company’ has started its activity. The new company must be transparent with good corporate governance and must have a good reputation when submitting the first tax return.

If an investor wants to run the company in Sweden themselves, they can be employee and are entitled to earn a monthly salary which can is applicable by the Salaries Law of Sweden and they can join the Swedish Employees Association. The investor can apply for Residence Permit and after 5 years, they can apply for Swedish citizenship.

Q house Invest helps interested Investors to start a company in Sweden. We will facilitate the process by helping you to get Business plan, Finance plan, Business license, Chartered accountants and qualified lawyers.

Q house Invest helps interested Investors to start a company in Sweden. We will facilitate the process by helping you to get Business plan, Finance plan, Business license, Chartered accountants and qualified lawyers.

Send the receipt from bank with all documents to

The necessary documents to start processing your applications:

  1. Q House invest charge § 3500 US Dollar or 30,000:- SEK per company
  2. We will not start processing your documents without down payment -see below full instruction’s for down payment.
  3. Your address and your phones and your e-mail should be very clear so we can reach you easily.
  4. Put the money on the account mentioned down and sends the receipt with documents by e-mail.
  5. Send all documents by e mail
  6. Valid copy from your passport.

This full instruction’s for down payment through Swedbank in Sweden Please follow these steps in order

  • IBAN: SE 47 8000 0838 1692 4779 8946
  • Swift code   :  BIC: SWEDSESS
  • Name of the account: Q House Invest AB
  • Account code: 5
  • Bank name: Swedbank AB 
  • Bank address: Landsvagen 40 63172 Sundbyberg
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